BB     Bush Sprouts Holiday Programme – Terms and Conditions:


The safety and wellbeing of all participants is important to us. Nature School NZ employees take all practical and reasonable steps to keep children safe while they are in our care. However, participants and their guardians will accept full responsibility for their own actions or inaction and will follow the advice and instructions of our teachers.



  1. I understand that participating in the Bush Sprouts holiday programme requires an adequate level of mobility/fitness and exposes participants to certain risks of playing in the outdoors. Nature School NZ will make every effort to reduce the risk for all Bush Sprouts, and give information on safe practices. No liability for loss, injury or damage will be accepted. We retain the right to deny access and/or remove people who fail to comply with these Terms and Conditions. This decision is at the discretion of the event director.


  1. I consider that the child/ren enrolling are physically and mentally able to safely take part in Nature School NZ Bush Sprouts holiday programme. We ask you to declare any medical conditions or behavioral issues your child has so that we can provide appropriate support while your child is in our care. *Please note – We love and welcome diversity and diverse learners at Nature School and aim for successful ‘best day ever’s for every child.  If your child has high behavioural needs, Bush Sprouts holiday programme may or may not be suitable for them.  We need to take into account the safety and functioning of the whole group, with our ratios of 1:7 on Bush Sprouts holiday programme, so please detail any high needs when registering and we may be in contact with you to discuss.  At times we may recommend the Nature School programme, over Bush Sprouts holiday programme. *


  1. Clothing will be checked during check-in. Children must have adequate layers of warm and weatherproof clothing, as this holiday programme is based outdoors, and will go ahead rain or shine.? All participants must undertake Bush Sprouts holiday programme activities in accordance with the risk management processes, practice common sense and follow the safety advice and instructions of the Nature School NZ staff.


  1. To ensure that your child has a positive and enjoyable experience please communicate the importance of listening and following instructions. Failure to do so may result in a phone call to the guardian and collection of your child. Participants and/or their parent/guardian may be liable to pay any costs incurred due to intentional misuse or damage caused to the facilities or equipment.


  1. Mobile phones are permitted for photos only. Please remind your children that they are not to be used as gaming devices. A failure to respect our no-screens policy may result in the removal of the phone.
  2. Child protection: All staff at Bush Sprouts holiday programme undergo a police vetting process. Staff will be briefed on child protection policy. At Bush Sprouts it isn’t practical for adults to stay within sight of each other at all times, so this risk is managed through police vetting and child protection protocols.



Full payment is expected at time of booking. Non payment by two days following payment request will result in you loosing your booking.

Cancellations may be made by Nature School NZ for extreme weather situations or unforeseen staffing issues, and in this case an alternative date will be offered or 90% refund. Other cancellations should be emailed to 80% of booking fee may be refunded if the space can be filled and 7 days notice is given. The event manager/director, Leo is contactable on 0274385366, before the holiday programme. Cellphone reception is variable at Battle Hill, so radios will be used for contact between staff, and the ranger phone will be used in emergency/pickup situations.

If we have to cancel due to matters related to COVID-19, participants will be offered a refund, less 10% admin fee.  If you wish to cancel due to matters related to COVID-19, see cancellation policy above.

*Rainwear offer*

Nature School NZ sells Betacraft rainwear in their facebook shop. If you would like to purchase this excellent rainwear for the holiday programme, please let us know your requirements 2 weeks before the programme begins and we will have the rainwear for you when you check-in for the holiday programme. We are happy to offer a 10% discount to participants on the Nature School NZ Bush Sprouts holiday programme.

All proceeds from the shop and holiday programme fees go back into running Bush sprouts in schools/ECE.