Nature School programme – Terms and conditions:

By enrolling your child, you do so in full Agreement with these Terms and Conditions. PLEASE read them carefully.

When enrolling your child, you must provide all the information requested, as this is important for the child’s welfare and safety.


When you enrol your child in the Nature School programme, a commitment to the full term is required. Your child’s place has been reserved for them every week and cannot be filled by another child if you choose to have them not attend a session. Therefore, you are required to pay for every session of the term once you have committed attendance.


  • Payments must be made in advance prior to sessions commencing, but can be made in instalments either weekly, fortnightly or monthly by prior arrangement. Payment can be made in cash or by bank transfer.
  • If payment is not received by the beginning of the term or at the due date of the first invoice, booking is not confirmed.
  • We do not offer casual sessions or fortnightly attendance. Casual sessions are offered through our Bush Sprouts holiday programme, where you can sign up for one or more days at a time.
  • Sessions are once per week during the term. The number of sessions per term will be confirmed at the beginning of each term.



Please make sure that when you register your child for the Nature School programme, that you are 100% committed to your child attending. Cancellations and no-shows have a significant effect on our entire programme including; group wellbeing, planning of extension activities, children on wait lists, administration, staff ratios and resources. Once you have registered and have accepted our Terms and Conditions, you are legally bound to comply to the following:


Nature School Programme Cancellations

  • If you or your child decides to withdraw from the Nature School programme before term commences, you must give the appropriate notice of two (2) weeks, in writing, and a full refund will be issued to you.
  • If you fail to give appropriate notice before the term commences, or if you withdraw from Nature School after the term has commenced or part way through the term, refunds are not guaranteed but will be considered and issued on a case by case basis.
  • Occasionally a session may be cancelled due to extreme, unsafe weather. If this has been paid for in FULL, a credit or full refund will be mutually agreed upon and issued to you.



  • If your child is absent due to an illness or injury you will be given one (1) sick day per term in lieu of the absence. No monetary refund will be issued but a Nature School programme session for the following term or Holiday Programme credit will be given. Notice of absence must be texted to 0274385366 so we can note it in our records.
  • Sick days will not accumulate over multiple terms.
  • If your child is absent due to an outside commitment such as school camp, event or family holiday, no refund, credit or day in lieu will be given. You are still required to commit and pay the fee for that day as stated above.



Every effort will be made to include children with special needs within the limits of the Nature School programme’s resources. Booking for children with special needs, including diagnosed behavioural conditions (such as ADHD/ADD, ASD, ODD, etc.) must be confirmed by the Programme Manager.

Nature School NZ reserves the right to manage enrolments in a way that ensures safety of children and staff, this may include, but is not limited to, a requirement that children with special needs attend with a caregiver, any cost of which will be in addition to the booking fee.



  • The safety, wellbeing, and happiness of all children is of paramount importance to us. We operate with at least a 1:7 ratio of adults:children at BSHP/NS.
  • Child protection: All Nature School NZ staff have undergone a police vetting process. Staff will be briefed on child protection protocols. At Nature School it isn’t practical for adults to stay within sight of each other at all times, so this risk is managed through police vetting and child protection protocols.
  • Toileting will be in public toilets where possible, with bush wees when away from toilet blocks. A teacher will be nearby when children are toileting to assist with privacy and safety.
  • A roll will be taken each day from caregivers signing in and out your child. We will provide attendance details to your child’s school. You must let us know in advance if someone else is picking up your child.
  • In the event of illness or injury of your child, we will contact you and medical authorities promptly, and all appropriate steps will be taken to ensure the child’s wellbeing. Any medical costs will be your responsibility.
  • Rules for Nature School are made known to you prior to the commencement of the Programme. All care will be taken to provide supervision of each child attending each Programme in accordance with those Rules.
  • Children must be dressed appropriately for the Programme, and for some activities, several changes of clothes are compulsory. Parents will be notified if children arrive unprepared and it is the parents? responsibility to return with the necessary clothing.
  • Each child should have their own drink, snacks, and rubbish free lunch.
  • Please note that it is your responsibility to pick up your child as soon as the programme ends, so please do not be late. Parents will be charged $10 for every half hour or part thereof after 3.15pm.
  • The Nature School NZ Trust health and safety management plan is available on request.



In an emergency situation, we will care for your children until they can be released to you or the emergency contact on your registration form.

  • Earthquake: We will regularly practise the drop, cover, hold position. Children will be taught to wait for an adult to tell them it’s safe to get up, then to move to the meeting point on the open grass by the fire pits.
  • Flooding: Cancellations due to heavy rainfall will be made by Nature School NZ staff and communicated to families by 8pm the night before Nature school sessions. In the event of flooding, we will move to safe, high ground. If roads are blocked we will contact families by the ranger phone and advise of the evacuation plan.
  • Fire: In the event of a large bush fire, we will stay down low (fire travels upwards fast), follow the stream if necessary and get to safe ground, and then contact families to advise.



  • By enrolling your child with Nature School NZ, you understand that there are risks associated with outdoor activities that cannot always be eliminated. You are able to ask questions of the staff and/or of Nature School NZ, to gain a better understanding of the activities before your child takes part. By reading and ticking the box that you have read, understood and consent to these terms & conditions and the disclaimer below, you provide a consent to activity. This consent is confirmation that you are aware of and understand the activities that take place at Nature School and risks associated with these activities.
  • At the beginning of each session a safety briefing is conducted. Children will be reminded of the keeping safe rules, safe tool use, expectations and boundaries. It is necessary for your child to follow any safety instructions at all times.
  • Nature School NZ will take all reasonable care of your child and his/her property during their participation in the Programme but will not be responsible for any injury to the child or loss of or damage to a child’s property. If your child acts outside the instructions given, they do so at their own risk and they may be instructed to leave the programme or the activity.



  • All information collected by us will only be used for the purpose of establishing and maintaining records held by Nature School NZ and will not be released or made available to any other person or organisation without your prior specific consent. You will be able to access that information and correct it in accordance with the Privacy Act.



  • We reserve the right to take photos/video of activities and children participating in those activities for promotional and publicity purposes. By enrolling a child with Nature School NZ you give your consent for photos to be taken of that child. If you do not want photos of the enrolled child to be taken or used for promotional purposes, you must state this in writing to Nature School NZ:



In general, if any parents have complaints about the programme or staff members, they should:

  1. Approach the coordinator who will attempt to rectify the situation.
  2. If the parent is still unhappy they should put the complaint in writing with details of the grievance and desired outcomes. The management of Nature School NZ will respond to the complaint within 14 days. Where possible, a mutually agreeable outcome will be sought.
  3. If a parent wishes to take the matter further they can approach Child, Youth and Family.
  4. Where possible the requests of parents will be incorporated in programme planning and design.



I give consent for my child to participate in the programme activities. I understand that there are risks associated with my child/ren participating and I accept that, to the extent permitted by law, the programme management and staff will not be liable for accidental injuries (and any associated losses) which can occur, especially when children are involved in active play. To minimise the risk of accidents, the programme has safety procedures, including rules and boundaries for children’s behaviour, that will be consistently applied. While extensive risk management procedures have been put in place, Nature School NZ firmly believes that the benefits associated with some risk taking activity far outweigh the risks and so children will be allowed (after discussion and risk assessment) to climb trees, use tools, use loose materials for building, explore areas with water, and play physical games such as wrestling. Please note. no activity will be compulsory and children will need to give their own verbal consent that they wish to take part.


  • Nature School NZ reserves the right to cancel or withdraw any child from any activity where the terms and conditions have not been complied with or for safety reasons.


  • I understand this philosophy and give consent for my child/ren to take part.