Reviews & Feedback

"...Creativity and capacity for self learning is being allowed to flourish in...capable hands..."

“My daughter was lucky enough to experience Bush Sprouts at our local Kindergarten. She absolutely loved it so we jumped at the chance to enrol her one day a week in Nature School at Battle Hill Farm Park.
We are confident that this one day a week totally immersed in nature benefits her in so many ways. It is absolutely phenomenal what children can achieve and learn when we give them the freedom to explore and trust they are learning exactly what is right for them at the right time.” S. Graham

"Once a week, dirty clothes, pockets full of specially selected sticks and leaves and a tired child at the end of the day told us that a great adventure had taken place"

“A… developed confidence, seemed more sure footed and gained a great sense of adventure and respect for the outdoors. She would often discuss different plant types, be fizzing over sliding down banks and the adventures she and her friends would have. The programme’s focus on respecting the bush added further depth to the experience. On weekends we would often be encouraged by A… to head into the bush to check the pest traps and see what they’d been exploring recently” B. Hollingsworth

"...Long lasting effects..."

“…reminds me that I wanted to tell you about the long lasting effects of the (Bush Sprouts) programme. M… is such a confident bush walker/hiker.  She is so proud of ‘M…’s clearing’ and still wants to take people there. Once she turned 5 she asked to go up Colonial Knob and she flew up it, no doubt due to all the stair practise up the track. Thanks for cementing her love of the bush, confidence and desire to explore” S. Sherriff

"Leo is an amazing Bush Sprouts teacher...

…her kind caring manner works so well alongside her passion for nature and her desire to educate children in this subject.

We consider ourselves very lucky that our daughter had the opportunity to be part of this group and learn so much from Leo. Our daughter has gained so much confidence from Bush Sprouts – she now doesn’t hesitate to climb up and down steep banks, she really enjoyed learning about different types of plants and wildlife in the bush, and she feels so proud to use her leadership skills to help kids new to the group. 

Leo’s patience and gentle confidence in the kids to recognise that they do have the ability to try new things and succeed, is so invaluable. Every child should have the opportunity to take part in this fantastic programme!” Caroline and Rahul 

"Bush Sprouts has been the highlight of L...'s time at Kindy...

…I can’t say enough how much I think this is an awesome opportunity for our children….Having been a helper on a few missions I see the kids absolutely love being in the bush, the different smells, sounds, dirt and mud. They get that they need to be part of a team that work together and thrive on the feeling of freedom that the programme gives them. I am so supportive of this programme.  It is important to get kids outside, loving nature, appreciating their own physical abilities, challenging themselves, increasing thier confidence and laughing!” L…’s Mum

"..A rich learning experience..."

 “My two children have loved attending the Bush Sprouts holiday program. being outdoors all day to explore, and have fun provides them with such a rich learning experience. incredibly valuable and appreciated program” M. Kate

"..A gift to the wider wellington community.."

 “I would like to say that your programme is incredible and that you are a gift to the wider Wellington community. Thank you for providing the opportunity for tamariki to connect with Papatūānuku, Tāne, Rongomātane, Haumietiketike and often the tears of Ranginui for Mondays! 

You have shown such thoughtfulness of A…’s skills and interests and he has flourished under your guidance and care.  Thank you ” Karen and Matt

"Teaching with presence"

“We have enjoyed the Nature school program both in the holidays and term this year. Leo & team do a great job at educating kids in a natural setting. It is relaxed, creates connections and teachings with presence. Thank you!” S. Holmes

"...a dramatic change"

I just wanted to send you a quick note to say Thank you! Thank you both for providing such a special place for M…! We have noticed a dramatic change for M…- mostly in his gross motor skills and his willingness to give things a go and Being able to challenge himself! He asks to go every morning.

 So thank you! For being so great! ” G. Butterfield

"We highly recommend it"

“It’s incredible how much more my 5y old daughter ventures out (tree climbing, finding & testing natural swings, knowledge about edible plants, fire rules, cooking over the fire, making treasures/ gift (out of natural material) in nature since she started Nature School with Leo & team.” L. Bernhard-Kiener

"E... has thrived at Bush Sprouts...

… and now has a greater understanding with nature. She has become adventurous and really enjoys going on adventures now. She is much more sure of herself on uneven terrain and also recognises Kawakawa.” E…’s Mum

"Bush Sprouts has taught M.. about care and respect for the environment....

…it has given him more confidence and resilience: he is more adventurous and able to cope when things go wrong.  Before Bush Sprouts he was a reluctant walker and hated getting dirty – that has all changed now. Bush Sprouts has also taught him leadership and ideas about caring for each other” M…’s Dad

"You will love this amazing programme...

… My children have been involved for 2+ years and Leo Smith runs an engaging, professional, informative and fun nature led program. Highly recommend! E. Woodley

"She often comes home explaining how nature works or what she has observed or learned..."

P… is now very interested in her surroundings and has a great curiosity for the bush, bugs, trees etc. She often comes home explaining how nature works or what she has observed or learned. I was with P… for her first trip and when she was climbing she was not very confident on the slopes. Now I observe in photos that she climbs up the same slopes confidently with no help. Thanks! P…’s Mum